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Malvoisie dernier tri 2020


This is an incredible vintage where the pinot gris took full advantage of this favorable climate:

  • A very wet spring,
  • A remarkable summer with 5 months of drought from June to October,
  • A strong heat in July which accelerated the vegetation;
  • Humidity and sun at the end of October for the development of noble rot and obtain concentrations of 21 ° in power.

The last picks took place on October 30 before the rains of Toussaint.

Fermentation and maturing in new barrels of 400 l.

This wine has 138 grams of residual sugar with aromas of exotic fruits, quince and pear.

These are wines that can already be tasted but that can always surprise you in 20 to 50 years …

Vintage : 2020