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Malvoisie 2022



Malvoisie is the local name of Pinot Gris, which compounds for 30% of the Noble Joue, but which is late harvested to give a sweet wine.


The wineyards are systematically thinned out to let only 6 or 7 grapes per vine stock. A mechanic leaf thinning in early July then a hand leaf thinning in early September are made to allow an ideal ventilation and daylight for the grapes.


The harvests are manual and done by successive selective picking. We look for the noble rot and for raisining (Sun drying out). Fermentation happens between 15 and 18° in stainless steel tanks (baring for the Last Picking which are in new oak barrels) and without yeast addition. There is a long-time fermentation, between 35 and 60 days, and this one is stopped by cooling the tanks at 0° to block out the yeasts and to conserve enough residual sugars to give a sweet wine. Fine-lees maturing until bottling.


Rupture de stock

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